Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Right about now, am thinking how enured I've become to seeing cats, dogs and birds being run over and dying painfully on the streets of UAE. Big 4 wheelers that were designed to glide over shifty sand, fitted with precise and sophisticated navigation systems, interiors straight out of a lifestyle magazine - can do almost everything. They can even squelch the innards out of kittens and not let the driver know.

It was a bird this morning. Flying low and meeting its end on the windshield of a passing car. The driver didn't blink an eyelid. How could she? Her time was otherwise taken up talking on the phone and trying to get a grip on her 120 kmph speed thing while approaching a traffic signal.

It might be children next. Oh wait. Thats already been done. Big assed status symbol of a Pajero just missed seeing that 3 year old who was playing on the ground. Just a case of poor visibility thats all.

So much is passe now. Too much actually. Things aren't getting more complicated. We're just getting to be surface dwellers is all. Rats in a race that ends with the end.

Banal but worryingly true?


Tys on Ice said...

Recall that ugly looking fish in the aquarium which was a bottom dweller, so busy sucking the muck at the bottom of the tank to see the life above him?

Keep posting. Lets hope that atleast one of us out there drives a little slow today and perhaps say a prayer for the unfortunates that cross us.

Mathura D said...

कब तक...

यथार्थ से दूर
आदर्श से परे
थोथे सिद्धांतों के
नारे लगाते रहे।
गंदगी उलीचने के बहाने
गंदगी में जीते रहे।

न समेट पाए साहस इतना
अपनी निरर्थकता से
दो चार हो सकें।
मुख आइने में देखते
अपने से आँखें चुराते रहे।

जिसकी भी लाठी रही
वह भैंस खोल कर ले गया।
चलता है चलता रहेगा
यह राष्ट्रगीत हम गाते रहे।

राम की आयोध्या
राम का मंदिर
राम का नाम हम भुनाते रहे।
राम जब भी आए
बनवास उनको हम देते रहे।

मथुरा कलौनी

Madhumita. said...

how can I get hindi fonts on my blog? please send me the file - btw, mathura d ... really liked the poem.

Vidya said...

Hindi fonts? or any other? just install relevant language packs if you're using the losers' OS (windoze) ... linux doesnt give me any probs... (sorry, thats my frustration with Windoze speaking)

for some reason, some lifeforms who sit behind a wheel suddenly don't want to just get from point A to B anymore.. they just want to get there before anyone else does. let's study this to see if this links to some rather minor insecurities in life.

Madhumita. said...

Am definitely on the loser's bandwagon :-D ... i'll let you how everything progresses

Vidya said...

Your blog rocks, and ergo thou shalt henceforth call thyself Rocking girl blogger.

Madhumita. said...

Er ... go?!

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)