Sunday, November 18, 2007

Worse than I thought

Ok, so Tys decided to thrust me into the limelight by tagging me ... clearly the man will not rest till the rest of the world is in on what he endures at home everyday :). In other words, this here post is all about: Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

The Rules (yes there are rules!), are as follows:

Rules : Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

Well this is going to be interesting because even my mother won't deny that I'm somewhat er, strange. The pickings as it were, are far from slim in my case. But I'm going to go easy on you unsuspecting folks by listing some of my milder eccentrecities (is that a word?)here:

1. The husband brought it to my notice the other day, that I'm one of the few (read only) people he knows who laughs out loud in movie theatres even at mildly funny scenes. Ahem, see I thought this happened to everyone, but ... APPPARENTLY NOT. So while everyone gently sniggers or smiles to themselves at whatever comic relief is currently playing on screen, I tend to slap the proverbial thigh and pull out all stops with the guffaws and the ha ha's. Most unladylike I'm sure. So now I know why I attract so much attention at movie theatres. Hmmm ... ah well ... so its not my radiant beauty then.

2. Also, I will clean the entire house before the cleaner actually arrives. And yes, I have a point to that. I cannot have a random lady think bad thoughts about my housekeeping skills. Even if she is there to actually keep the house. The shock, awe and ultimately admiring looks I get from these erstwhile women are worth all the sweat and toil I assure you. Makes me happy ... and a little smug.

3. Offence is my best form of defence. Tys knows all about this. One of the Hindu scriptures state that going on the war path should be the final option after Sama (pacification), Daana (bribing), Bheda (conspiracy) have all been tried to no avail. Well, I clearly missed that class. Sometimes I find myself talking real loud (ie. needlessly arguing) at a mystified audience of my colleagues - and realise that heck, we were only discussing our post lunch 3 pm coffee order. A simple yes or no to the samosa with chutney or ketchup question would have sufficed. Oh, and did I mention that I always won at school debates. A.L.W.A.Y.S. Yep.

4. Clothes in the cupboard must all be folded lengthwise and placed in designated piles. If I don't have time to do this very important thing, they will remain in a heap and fall out at me or my unsuspecting cats, every single time the said cupboard is opened.

5. My specs, mobile phone and car keys have a mysterious habit of never being found. This clearly has nothing to do with me being weird. Can I help it if somebody put the glasses in the fridge next to the cheese, the phone in the bathroom and the keys in some new exciting place every single day? I'll bet its all a plot to unnerve me and frazzle my nerves ... not that it takes much. Tys insists that I have the "find things" chip missing in my brain. He goes so far as to say that it was heavenly intervention that brought us together or I would lose myself in a swamp somewhere someday. Oh what pish ptosh!

6. I light enough candles at the slightest excuse to pose a potential fire hazard to the entire neighbourhood and get this ... its in order to "soothe me" :-D. Definitely not soothing for the poor neighbours who are now quite immune to the smoke detector going off most evenings. He he he.

7. And finally, I'm too weird to end with this limited 7 thingy. So I'll end by saying that my darling son aged 4, is nothing like me. Well yes, he looks just like the mater all slightly chinky eyes and everything, but thankfully, heaven did intervene and made him as ahem, balanced and sane as his father. The child has now taken to looking at me warily (refer photo on top left corner) every now and then and asking me "Ma, whatcha doin?" ... what he can't articulate of course is "Ma, are you quite alright and all there?" - or "Mom, please tell me I ain't gonna be an eccentric old coot like you someday".

Thass all folks!

And oh yes, another thing I can never do is follow rules, so I'm not gonna tag anyone else. Ha.


Prats said...

lol...Its so nice to finally know the real you even though goaded by the "sane and balanced " husband of yours...

I got to tell you that enjoying a movie thoroughly sure sounds real...rather than the sniggers :)

Cleaner woman?? I am just like that though my cleaner woman comes in every morning...I am in a fit , scurrying around rinsing the dishes, keeping the footwears in....gosh I know how it feels to let an outsider see the mess ur family makes
Clothes et tu!!? must go in like that....crisp, straight lines and folded lengthwise. If its not done, you'll see heaps lying all over the room but never inside the I'm with u on that...oops maybe we just match a lil too much don't you???

Great post...and nice getting you in action....maybe we should really thank Tys

Next time maybe you must just fit a sensor to all your there'll be no accusations...

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Thinking aloud said...

Firstly, i love teh sound of your name, secondly great post!!! You sound a bit like me too, you think most women are configured teh same way?...

and you called tys sane, how sweet!!!Ahh well, you know him best :))

hope you keep perhaps you should do the meme!!!

And yes, i/m from Mangalore originally but parents, g-parents have been in B'lore for umpteen years...B'lore of yesteryears...I do miss :(

take care of yourself and keep those eccentricities going, normal is so boring ;))

Prats said...

Is it ok to roll you on my blog?

Tys on Ice said...

see? iam sane..thnks mads for removing tht misrepresentation...

as for the weirdness, iam sure u hve been limited to only 7 coz i can write a book on u...

girl, u r just the craziest person ever...i meant tht in a gud way, so the chicken roast in the evening is still on ,i hope.

btw, i can vouch for the laughter..whn normal people write LOL and ROTFL, mads will be actually typing those words from the keyboard clutched to her while shes rolling on the floor laughing...

Madhumita. said...

Hi All,

Prats and TA, good to know that I'm not alone and I agree that women seem to have some common traits in their make up!. TA, I'm sure anyone who reads Tys blogs regularly would also question his sanity ever so often - but he does have his moments of clarity :-D .

Tys - I see that you've imagined a fancy dinner menu all by yourself. Nice try mister!

Joy said...

Regarding point 2, Same pinch and even 1 attimes. Great post.

Keshi said...

tnxx for dropping by my blog..btw u hv a beautiful name :)

** I will clean the entire house before the cleaner actually arrives

haha u sound so like me! I dun hv a cleaner coming into clean my place, but Im such a clean-freak. :):)


Ziah said...

Hey! LOVE ur post...:) Do Do update please..:)

Adorable Pancreas said...

My mom does the same thing. She washes the dishes before the maid gets here, and makes me sweep the place. Which is why I often pretend I'm studying.

I like your blog. Came here from tys's place. His literary place, not the literal one. (I have a very bad sense of humour. I also have the annoying habit of stating the obvious.)

Hip Grandma said...

'My specs, mobile phone and car keys have a mysterious habit of never being found. This clearly has nothing to do with me being weird'
Me too.MY husband is a dear and looks for them and places them near my purse while I get ready to leave for work.On second thoughts he'd better do it.I do sooooo much for him.

Madhumita. said...

Hey Ziah, Adorable Pancreas?? :-) and HHG,

Thank you for your comments. This blog thing could become quite addictive ... it really is nice to communicate with all you wonderful people and share thoughts.

A Pancreas, I read some of your stuff and you are very funny :-D and very articulate. Plus I'm darn gosh impressed that you are a medico! Will keep in touch.


Thinking aloud said...

u are really worse that i thought:(
(just kidding) i put my foot in my mouth all the time...

the crux of the matter was - no new update? :)

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)