Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its all in the name

Its that time of my married life again - finding the perfect moniker for the second little one all poised to make a grand entry in less than three months. And then there is the husband. I need to count till 10 - or 100 now to bring down the ole BP.

Is it just this one man I wonder? A typical conversation with the significant other regarding baby names always ends with me resisting the urge to throw (pin)cushions at him. I mean he is yet to contribute a single name to the list of 50 odd masterpieces I've come up with. And no mister, "Ghatotkach" and "Lokamanya" and "Tilak" (yes, in the order!) somehow don't count, I'm thinking.

Yet he opines. And nods sagely. Or raises his well arched brows to express his disdain! Our dinner table discussions on this most important subject involve me presenting the fruits of my labours in organized lists (in alphabetical order) while the chomper across me articulates thusly:

"Nah, sounds like a bad word in Malayalam" or "Gah!" or "Interesting" (accompanied by snigger) or "I knew a girl with that name once. Didn't like her much. Forget it".

My gentle and constructive suggestion that maybe he should contribute something meaningful first before throwing his weight around yielded such gems as the ones referenced above.

In the interest of my better health, and for the lifelong welfare of the one as yet UNBORN, I've officially decided to relegate this "do-together with husband & love of my life" activity to the LC (Lost Cause) category.

Thank God for me - otherwise known as "Mom" and generally referenced as "MKB" (Mummy Knows Best).


Vidya said...

do this in simple steps
1. select the 2 names u like best and write them down
2. read this list
3. pick two of the worst names from that and write them on your list
4. present all four to Tyson, and tell him to choose one he likes best
5. job done

alternately, tell him the name u like best, tell him that you are doing the hardest part of giving birth thing, and tell him to like it :D

good luck, girl

ALI said...


such a cute post :)



Prats said...

heheh....so one flew over the papa's head...I have never ever heard such fantastic names for a child...I can now see the influence of the epics in your lives .

All the best...i'm sure you really need it

Preethi said...

haha... I have been there too.. only in my case, it was both my husband and my dad throwing their weight around... uhuh!! Good luck!

Keshi said...


I never had to face this issue...not yet :)

Good luck hun!

Prats said...

you're tagged yet again!!! but this time by me...

Madhumita. said...

1. V : You were right, Shannon someone actually named her kid "Audio Science". How much of his inheritance do you think he'll need for psychiatry visits?

2. Hey Ali, Tx for visiting.

3. Prats : After this I'm off to your page to check out your post and tag.

4. Preethi : Sigh ... I'm telling you its a gender thing. It has to be!

5. Hey Keshi take my advice and have all the fun while you can!

Thinking aloud said...

good luck, madhu...you sure need them...


we would love to see the 50 shortlisted ones...when are you due?

this really has taken me back 5 yrs/10yrs...:)

Ziah said...

Naming a baby is sooo exciting! That Tys ain't no clue what he's missing!:) Men can get painful ya!:) [Hugs!:)] Just pick a name and tell Tys if he doesn't decide in __ days, the name stays! :)

Now I'm curious... how do you guys, sorry, how do YOU plan to name the lil bundle? (I mean, do you want to finalize a name similar to your little Buddha?):)

Prats said...

I read in a quote somewhere....and thought of you. it goes like this
**name a child ending with a vowel, so when you scream out their names it'll echo! "

rajk said...

Hey, Tilak is nice!!

Joy said...

:) Good luck with name searching. When I was expecting 1.5 years back, my bro had come up with a name just for fun,though - "Bhavani Shankar" !!!

I am sure you would come up with a bright, nice name and all Tys has to do is nod.

Madhumita. said...

Hey Folks,

rajk : Had to tell you first that Tilak by itself is definitely nice but try pairing it with Lokamanya :)

Prats : The vowel ender sounds like a time saving device. Just hope my second one won't require as much screaming as I inflict on the elder one.

Ziah : My elder one is called Rishi. He was named by instinct on what felt right for him. You tend to get a sense for that when you carry them around for 9 months - so I'm sure I'll have a Eureka moment sometime soon (I hope!).

And tx TA and Joy for your comments. Suma, am due last week April.

Pri said...

i always thank my mom for selecting my name...she tells me my dad came up with pretty weird ones :-/

Ziah said...

Rishi is a really nice name:) And I hope Rishi has a kid sister:) I always thought if I'd ever have boys I'd call them Ved/Shlok:) A girl would be Srishti or Nitya. And yup, I do have a thing for sanskrit names:)

P.S: Congrats!:) I was sooooo excited on seeing Maya Anthurjanam in the Caferati List of open-book pitch results:) I was even more excited when I realized the man called Tys is a verbatim namesake of my brother-in-law:)

Thinking aloud said...

hey ...maya got through?...good to know...congrats!!!

Madhumita. said...

TA : Thanx to you, Tys submitted his story on time (which btw I knew nothing about!). Only found out yesterday - quite excited about this.

Ziah : Srishti has been on my list for months :). Tys however is having a problem pronouncing it. So ...

Thinking aloud said...

I'm so glad he did it ...once again congrats!!! do let us know when things start rolling forward...

@ ziah...shlok was a fav of mine too...till te hindi pundits in my family vetoed it saying that some would pronounce it as SHOK!!!

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)