Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bird Talk

So today, my little tyke started on the very first annual exams of his young but eventful life. I prepped the small guy endlessly like the insufferably good parent that I am and gave myself a mental pat on the back for having crammed his little brain with all manners of Environmental Science, English and Math thingies. I thought I did a fantabulous job of handling it all without stressing him out and even let his dad take him for a quick stop at a friend's birthday party last evening as a diversion. Fed, watered and put the young man to bed at 9 pm and sat back quite pleased with myself and proceeded to read Agatha Christie's 'Death on the Nile' for only the 50th time (and still couldn't remember who had "done it" by the way!).

Woke up in the morning still basking ... and came down to earth speedily following this conversation with my 4 year old:

- "All set for school baby"?
- "Yes mom. Today is exam no?"
- A warm smile of approval from me later "Indeed it is dear child. Now then - name 2 birds that fly in the sky?"
- "Aaaaaaaaa, errrrrrm ... "Duck" and "Avvel".
- "Er, and what is the young one of a horse called?"
- "Baby horse amma".
- "Pony, son, not baby horse and how about the young one of a Dog?"
- "Please amma, its baby dog" says the enlightened one.
- "Now honey, it isn't "Avvel" at all but "Owl", as in O for "Owl".
- "No, no, mom, its not O for Avvel, its O for "Hootie".
- "No baby, its not".
- "Yes amma, I was walking in the jungle and an "Avvel" came to hoot at me, me, me so its O for Hootie". Uttered with quiet confidence and a tone that would brook no further discussion on the subject.

Loud snickering noises from breakfast table belonging to husband and an ignominious exit to the office for me.

Lets hope they have grace marks for little boy charm and shameless lobbying by a certain paranoid parent.

And this folks - is only the beginning.

Somehow, I've not been able to focus much on work today. Cold sweat on forehead at the thought of EVS orals tomorrow.


Prats said... how did the hot hootie do today? Is EVS plain garbage?? It can be really tough getting through the mental creativity of young one is giving me the nightmares now.....
all the best with the rest of the exams...and just give some "avval" to the grunter at the table....

But it is avval Madhu.....u just don't know....

Prats said...

"Can you pass on a huggie from me to the lil tyke" please oh please!!!

Ziah said...

R is the cutest!! And Awel it is, ok momma??:) All the best for the rest of the eggjams:) Looking forward to our Eggjam Corespondent Madhumita's update from the site:)

Thinking aloud said...

awww...exams so young? no fair...

btw how did momma do in the exam today?

Malavika said...

save agatha 4 when he's graduated.. anyway u still wont!..

Preethi said...

brownie points for being the cutest and smartest tyke!!! :) I bet he can convince his teacher too !!

PREETI said...

awwww soooooooo cuteeee!

iv juz come across ur 'family's' blogz...n im a fan!

i repeat...awww soooo cuteee!

*imaginary cheek pinchin ur son*

Madhumita. said...

Prats : Hug duly given and happily received :). And EVS is exactly how you describe it! I mean schools just don't know how to keep things simple anymore. Basic stuff is now a subject by itself.

Ziah : In my current state, Egg Jam actually sounds like something I could eat :-D

TA : "Momma" doesn't know how she did. Everyday tyke claims to have received some invisible and probably non-existent prize! And you're quite wicked btw :-D .

Mal : Sticking tongue out at you woman.

Preethi and Preeti : Glad this ould entertain! :)

Thinking aloud said...

wicked? and moi? :)

Read this, for future shcoks!!...

rajk said...

Hi, I'd been watching this space for the past few weeks and getting disappointed...Glad you're back...and how! It was so good I could imagine the whole episode.
My son does this too...the young one of any animal is "baby"-that animal!

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)