Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Plug

I am currently residing amid fame and literary glory in the form of my artistically inclined dad - the pater is this seasoned theatre personality. Ever since he's "retired" from his day job, he actually hasn't :). What used to be a one play per year interest has now become a full fledged theatre industry and Flat number A402, has some really er interesting comings and goings, histrionics and sightings let me tell you.

Dad owns a theatre company called Kalayan - active in Bangalore circles for fifteen years or more. I even had a brief and disastrous career on stage in one of his plays. TOI devoted an entire para to my new brand of acting known as dead pan or simply - dead. Sigh ... greatness not recognized and all that.

Well, moving on, I'm back in Bangalore and just in time it seems to catch (he won't let me anywhere near his precious troupe and inner exciting workings with a barge pole!) Kalayan's latest called "Kab Tak Rahain Kunware".

Its being staged at the Chowdiah Memorial on the 20th. Anyone interested in Hindi theatre can catch more details on the website including ticket outlets.

Have a dekko and have fun!


Preethi said...

wow!!! for people like me can you put it up on youtube??

Gazal said...

hi madhu
firstly congrats on the baby.

have been looking for something like this.this is god send.

looks like i missed you in bangalore

Ziah said...

Much fun was had! And I missed it!!:(:(

I'd love to meet your dad babe. Introduce please? :)

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)