Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doing it right?

Raising children is a much underestimated artform. When I think back on my own - er ... colourful days as a child and teenager, I can only give my parent's 2 thumbs up for what they must have had to endure!

A typical day in the life of little (and I mean the size of a 25 p coin) Ri, has a full sized (ahem) and mainly rational adult - namely, me, doing the complete gamut of emotion - starting with despair and ending full circle. In despair :D.

Truth of the matter:

1. Children were not born conformists. More is the pity! In the unfathomable mind of a tot, left is usually right and all rights are to be ignored.

2. Mothers and kids = power struggle.

3. Fathers and kids = ohlookwhatwehaveherealittlechildandwheredidhecomefrom?!

4. What your child wants to eat at any given meal is inversely proportionate to whatever treat you've lovingly and painstakingly prepared at the time. So if noodles and chocolate cookie are on the menu, rest assured that you'll be asked for brown bread and fruit!

5. LOVE is really what you feel for said tot. All else pales - or at least gets creamed ;)

6. Size 0 clothes from new fangled tot fashion stores = big sized 0 in your wallet.

7. And the OTT alert? Your kids are the spitting image of you at one time or the other. Things finally begin to fall in place.

Spiritual, future, awareness, clarity, life plan.

What I know does not come from a book, author, guru or god.


Vidya said...

i just had such a day. A wanted rasam for lunch, and after she got home from nursery, wanted poori and chhole....

Tys on Ice said...

Whatcha mean that father doesnt know where Ri is from? Of course I know. He was left by the tooth fairy under my pillow , since she didnt have any golden coins for my decayed dentures.

One true thing said...

Vee ... my sympathies. I COMPletely understand. :-)

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)