Friday, September 12, 2008

Just alright.

Right now at this moment, being alive has come together in complete perfection for me. My head is not abuzz with questions, red rhododendrons are in full bloom near my window and I'm being still. Why do I really need to blog about this. Because writing it in a diary for solely my viewing pleasure has always been just a touch too self indulgent for my taste. Writing to the great cyber beyond on the other hand, makes me feel more like I'm interacting in a healthy social kind of way and less like the eccentric, opposing, indiosyncratic individual that I really am.

A few cliches are clamoring for expression here ... 'Life is a struggle', 'Today should usually be enough' and many other such trite platitudes. The gosh darned thing is that they're all so true. I know a lot of English and that includes a whole bunch of home truths that can only ever be found between the pages of long forgotten dusty volumes perched atop even dustier bookshelves. But all these home truths as it were usually come home to roost in my head.

What i 'd like to do today is to go to Pondicherry just as myself, sit in the balcony of the Park guest house and make fast work of about 500 glasses of Smirnoff with apple juice.

But as I've got to go and be a mom, wife, daughter and other such random things, I think I'll just go wear some bells and whistles and take the familial troops for some Onam Sadhya at Coconut Grove intsead.

Oh and have you heard the one about 'Life being the sum of all your choices'? Damn those know-it-alls.

And oh yes, OnAshamsagal to one and all. May your days be filled with bounty.


Tys on Ice said...

tht thought too shall come to pass..


the 500 smirnoff with apple juice...

happy onam mads...missed you.

Gazal said...

happy onam madhu

500 glasses hmmmmm

we should

take that need it and deserve it

Prats said...

Maybe you should do the Balcony of the park house...and please, can I jion in the 500 glass celebration...

How was the Sadhya in Coconut grove???
Happy Onam

Suma said...

hey belated wishes...why am i always late? :(

500 glasses hmmm...count me in too ...i count very well ;)

Ziah said...

I think we missed a lot.. two weeks of lu, followed by two weeks of joint pain:(

Belated Onam Wishes:)

Anonymous said...

write more! write more!
Here by launching the "Madhumita write more" movement!

wil also accept updating of the Life Essentials list as a temporary stalling tactic.

Ziah said...

What? No posts? You're worse than me girl!!! UPDATE!!!!:)

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)