Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What happened exactly?

Finally a moment to do just what I feel like. The kiddos are suitable occupied in school and nap respectively. The husband has very graciously quit the house to go earn our daily bread and I couldn't care less about cleaning a damn thing in the house right now. Its my 35th birthday tomorrow and I would like to have my panic attack in peace thank you very much! And I would also like to blog about something normal instead of the over the top sobby, uber intellectual kind of thing that I usually write about - at least I think that my posts can sometimes stray down that prissy path. See I've learnt that you can't actually come right out and claim that you're brain is top class, real deal grey matter. You always have to apologize before or after making the intellectual claim so you don't come off sounding pompous. Anyhoo, I digress. Its all part of the impending 35th thing. I seem to have morphed into my dad this week because I keep asking myself 'what have I accomplished'? 'make a list'. I already look so much like him, now I am him.

Gulp gulp here goes - Good daughter? Check. Typical elder sister? Check. Loving and suitably suffering wife? Double Check. Super mom wearing red undies and cape? Indeed. Career woman? Oh quite. Talented and well groomed? More or less. Heart of gold? 24 carat sterling. Do gooder? Irritatingly so. Can be used as mold/mould for aspiring perfect woman? You betcha. Being Madhumita of the shooting mouth off, non conformist, left path travelling, trying to be profounder than profound, saving the world and myself in the bargain fame? NO. Definitely failed there. Definitely time for a sea change. So in protest of I'm not sure what, I wrote the sort of poem I used to when I was in my 20's - you know, the kind of thing that doesn't make sense to anybody? The sort of lines you might right at 4 am after too many drinks at some college party with like minded friends after a long and soul satisfying night of random topics of deep conversation? And I call upon all you folks to just read the damn thing already. Because this is my birthday party and you are all invited. This is titled:

Never Seen

Seemingly tranquil, undulating water in the womb of the world,
We ride the wave and never crash,
We link hands and discover ridges and furrows and ask - what are we today?
Nothing ventured, nothing lost, nothing learnt.
What we gain is reams of pain and the need to be sane,
And gently undulating dreams of those seemingly tranquil waves.

Thanx for listening :)


Nags said...

have a good 35 :)

--xh-- said...

advance happy b'day wishes... :)

Joy said...

It is an accomplishment if we can be sane all through out our lives...

Have a wonderful Birthday!

Suma said...

the last two lines were lovely!

HAPPY 35, madhu! wishing you happy fulfilling years ahead


rm said...

Happy Birthday.Wishing the years ahead will be filled with happiness.

Jules said...

Oh how sad, i missed your birthday party... so Happy 35th Belated, then, Madhu! (Can I call you that?)


Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)