Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday Morning

Just finished an interview with a free lance graphic designer. Younger woman, not quite 30, fresh faced and somewhat brash. She had that typical style of speech that I associate with Pakistan and got very comfortable when I started talking to her in Hindi. Great body of work - she has dreamt up entire exhibition stands and given it perspective using software tools, she's even designed a window cleaner that is now being used at the Burj. There was no effort on her part to put up even a mildly sophisticated or any other kind of demeanour. She loves to dress up though. I could tell from the lilac trim on her abaya and matching head scarf - done up eyelids. Slightly swollen eyes, tired and mildly puffy. Its probably because of the stay at home husband who cannot work due to a "back condition". And two young children can certainly take their toll on a person.

So I quite liked the idea of working with her. I mean she is a woman with serious limitations. She's just doesn't fit the ideal proto or is even close. But she has built a network from I-Mate to Thuraya to Geox - she has held on to a car, a laptop, a certain dashing sense of style and a lot of accented English just so she can use the brilliant ideas inside her head to make a life for her family. So I think I'll give it a go.

Travelling next week to India, sans kids and husband. I've forgotten how to. But I'm sure once I've stocked up the fridge and pulled out matching socks and underwear for each day of the week for the kids and instructed P for the 100th time on what to do when Rhea wakes up in the middle of the night, I'll really enjoy myself.

I promise to post some stunning pictures of the mountains when I'm back.


Suma said...

i'm travelling to india next week too. with one kid and leaving one about equal division of responsibilities :)

its going to be different travelling without the kids and husband..and you may like it too...

so glad to see a new post here, madhu

Prats said...

Hope you're having a good time out here.....enjoy the time..and waiting for those lovely mountains

Poornima said...

Always liked this about you, give people a chance that nobody else would, & end up being right.(Thats too many good things Ive said to you in one sentence. Vomit is coming off)

Erm, btw, couldya check with Purple Trim if she has any ideas for my 2nd floor windows? Theyre driving me completely nuts, the dirty fellows!

Good to see you 'posting' again.
(Such a silly word, 'posting'..I picture all you bloggers sitting in a peeling post office, wearing brown uniforms & brown caps & typing earnestly away on Godrej typewriters, clickclackclicketyclack)

Anonymous said...
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Tys on Ice said...

still no signs of u being back from the mountains, eh? ...listen there are many who know we r a team, so people r going to start writing...

btw , wht the fuck is that 4th comment?...have u been talking? eh?..telling u, its just stress.

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)