Monday, November 30, 2009

Love Delusion

I guess we're all more in love with the idea of being in love than with the actual object of our affections. Its the euphoria we chase - like we do with alcohol, cigarettes, religion, rituals, fragrances ... among other things. We're just so much in need of external stimuli to make life worth living. At 35 and married with kids one would hope for a certain quiet sense of well being and a yardstick by which to live out the rest. But the problem with being self analytical is that you usually find what you would rather not. Like arriving at the said age and discovering restlessness. Also a sort of yearning associated with a long forgotten (buried deep?) time. Wanting to redefine what you're getting in the name of love - wishing it was a little more doomed and a little less friendly. Ah well.

Good thing is that the pain has a cure - there is in me the blessed faculty to be an observer ... of my own emotions and stream of consciousness. And of course there are books. Let me go be a drama queen between the pages of one of those.


Anonymous said...
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मथुरा कलौनी said...

Time is unidirectional, but mind is not. It is a good idea to board 'time machine' once in a while and revisit the times gone by and dwell on the achievements. The process allows positive energy to flow around you and prepares you for going ahead (or charging ahead if required). Life maybe work in progress but job on hand is living your life punctuated by achievable goals. In selfanlaysis it is important to remember that life is not like flying a plane where the process has to be six sigma compliant.

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)