Monday, November 17, 2008


Been awhile since I updated my blog. Many changes, many events and just a general lack of inclination to do anything online later, I'm at the computer again ... but honestly, I don't have a plan. I'm not feeling particularly witty or in the frame of mind to write about anyting definite. So I guess I'll make this a random update post for my friends who take the trouble to keep me in their radar and look me up every now and then.

I'm a mother of two now and I've definitely arrived into the role. Actually not a role. By now I think I'm more mother than I am Madhumita (she by the way, is just an eccentric coot who has strange notions about everything). While I spent the last five years experimenting on my unsuspecting elder one, with my second child, I am finally ready to do good by them. I've given up working 55 hours a day and I'm willing to get by on much less money to buy things with, just so I can be with them, teach them everything I know (the poor dears), be their guide and not expect a darned thing in return, show them how to live well and without regrest or guilt and in the process wind down my hectic, monkey minded existence and find/redeem myself. Ok, so its about myself in the end, but I'm not sorry.

Ok funny anecdote. This happened one afternoon at my son's school.

Another mom waiting to pick up her child: Hi. Listen, I just wanted to say that your son has beautiful eyes and looks Bengali. Are you?

A taken aback me: No we're not, but my dad lived in Calcutta for awhile (!!??).

Vachan's mom: Oh ok, so it just kind of rubbed off did it? Grin Grin ...

Hopefully my bolt headedness will not rub off on my children. But then I think of their father who usually keeps both his feet parked in his mouth and I know that there isn't much hope.

Anyway, the good lady decided to let the imbecility pass and is now a friend. Hopefully my son's short term memory will save him from any trauma in the future.

And another thing, Missionaries of Charity, an orphange located in St. Thomas Town, Bangalore needs things. They could use cooking oil, eggs and washing powder on a regular basis for about 60 children who are in their care. Anyone willing to help, please call them on 080 25474993. In fact if the Bangalore bloggers are willing, maybe we can go as a group around Christams and do something substantial for the kids?


--xh-- said...

count me in if the plan materialize for Christmas...

and hey, happy to see the update from you :)

Nags said...

Yes Madhu, nice to hear from you :)

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah count me in too :)

Can I contribute money ? thats easier.. I would love the visiting part!!

Suma said...

its nice to come here and see a new post..YAY!!!

Now that you've given up squeezing 55 hours in a day...I hope the superwoman in you is happy :)

congrats on the improved role...and lets see more of you now...:)

and did i say? I'm happy to see an update? :) :)

Ps said...

welcome back O mother of two!Join the club.

Joy said...

:) Nice to see a post from you. So you are working from 55 hr/ day to 54.5 hrs/day ? :) :)

Madhumita. said...

Hey people, thanx for writing in. XH and winnie the poohi (love that name :D), please get in touch with me on for the orphanage visit.

Thats Me! Says V from Jap Talk :-)